Yes, this is the music I didn't auto play for you to listen to while you read this post.

Hi, my name is Russ Edwards. Here's a little about me:

I'm a Senior Full-Stack Web Developer by trade, a Computer Scientist by education. I'm interested in every facet of technology, gaming, modern culture, and politics. I fall on the left end of the political spectrum on nearly every topic of conversation.

I've been intrigued by how things operate my entire life. As a boy I would pull things apart, often to never get them back together again, always to see if I could understand how things worked.

When I was fourteen I lost my mom to a brain aneurysm. About a month after that, my dad bought a computer. I opened the computer's case, I installed and updated it's software, I broke it a few times. But I was always able to get it working again, even if that meant being on the phone with Microsoft technical support for three hours. I learned that anything good in life springs from perseverance.

For most of my life I've struggled with weight and body issues. I've been "chubby" since grade school, but I was morbidly obese throughout my twenties and thirties. I was addicted to fast food, particularly redacted. I've been working hard at achieving and maintaining a healthy weight, and I still struggle every day. I am five feet, five inches tall. My weight today was one hundred and ninety-four pounds.

I'll be using this blog to talk about programming, technology, fitness & health.

While I believe that no one should be actively harassed, I do not prescribe to trigger warnings where content is easily avoidable.

This is your trigger warning.

I will not self-censor here. There will be NSFW language. There may be concepts that you do not agree with.